Ustadh Mohammed Nomair

Jamia Hasnain, Pakistan

Ustadh Mohammed Nomair Chughtai was born in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and was brought up in Montreal, Canada. While in Montreal, he studied French and completed his High School. At the same time, he also studied Quran and Tajweed at Madani Masjid in Montreal. After being introduced to the work of Tabligh, he went through spiritual changes.

He then decided to pursue Islamic knowledge, hence traveling abroad to Pakistan. He began his studies upon his admission in Jamia Binori town Karachi, where he completed his first year of Aalim Course. He then transferred to Jamia Hasnain, in Faisalabad to conclude the remaining years of his Aalim Course, under the guidance and supervision of the famous Maulana Tariq Jamil, along with other prominent scholars.
Thereafter, he graduated from Jamia Hasnain in May 2014. He then moved to Madrasah Tul Husnain in Indiana, USA to begin spreading his knowledge amongst others. Thus, he started teaching subjects like Arabic Speech and Composition, Arabic Morphology, Arabic Literature, Arabic Syntax Islamic Jurisprudence (usul al-fiqh), Principles of Tafsīr: Islamic Law, and Tafsir.